Location for Private and Corporate Events, Weddings, Shootings and Short Rentals


What We Do

Weddings & Receptions

Would you like for your special day to be memorable? Villa Elda is the place you are looking for. An exclusive location surrounded by nature and a romantic atmosphere: the perfect combination for your exclusive event. Whether you desire a traditional wedding, or a civil marriage, you can contact us in order to be acquainted with all of our services and surprises, which will help us create your dream wedding, and also to fulfill your dream of surprising the guests and making the day as memorable as possible.

Location for Corporate & Business Events

Would you like to host extraordinary Corporate and Business Events? Our services are at your disposal, so that, along with us, you can create your own event which collaborators, partners and guests will never forget. Villa Elda is the perfect location to host these types of business events, ranging from Gala Dinners, to team building occasions. Contact us to narrate your ideas or objectives, and to discover all of our services which can suit your event.

Movie Set and Photoshoot Set

Villa Elda is the perfect location for movie sets of all kinds. In addition, it adapts perfectly to the shootings of advertisements, music videos, digital events, catwalks and much more. The beauty of this location, surrounded by nature and close to Rome, serves many types of facilities. Contact us to discover how we can help you build your personalized project.

Short Rentals

Are you searching for the right place to escape from your everyday life? Villa Elda is the place to go to detach yourself from your daily routine and enjoy a moment of peace away from home. Surrounded by nature, the location allocates different rooms, which encompass the silence which is created by nature, allowing you to relax your body and mind. Furthermore, Villa Elda puts at your disposition a series of exclusive services, such as pools, helipads and more, which allow it to be a special place. Contact us to know more about our rentals.


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